Proofreading and Editing

Proofreading or editing is a grammatical, orthographical and/or stylistic revision of your text. Depending on its intended use, different emphases can be set.

Why do I need proofreading or editing?

You have written a text that is to be published or used in a public context? Then it can make sense to have your text reviewed professionally in order to give it the finishing touches!

Everyone knows it: You read through your text numerous times, only to discover the first mistake on the very first page as soon as it’s been handed in or published. If you work on a text over a long period of time or intensively, at some point you literally can’t see the forest for the trees anymore. Or maybe you simple have some insecurities about spelling and punctuation in your text. That’s exactly what professional language service providers are for! If you were an architect, you also wouldn’t just start building without having a structural engineer look over your design, right?

I become an expert in your field

First and foremost, proofreading and editing is about fluent readability – therefore, the subject area is only of secondary importance. Regardless of whether I am working on a scientific, technical or literary text – spelling and punctuation always remain the same!

But of course, it is always possible that your text comprises terms and expressions that are specific to your field. Therefore, I always familiarize myself with the topic at hand before I start working on a text. If there are any other special requirements, for example for an academic publication, we will closely work together to ensure that they are perfectly met in your text!

In what languages do I edit and proofread?

To ensure the best possible quality, I usually proofread and edit in my native language, German.

However, if you need English proofreading or editing, please don’t hesitate to contact me either! Depending on the text type and difficulty, I will be happy to do this as well – or, if necessary, refer you to an experienced colleague!

Quality is Everything

After all, that’s why you put your text in professional hands!

To ensure the best possible quality, I plan sufficient time for preparation, multiple rounds of proofreading and feedback loops for each text that I work on. The corrected or edited text will not land on your desk until it has been read by me several times and I am satisfied with the final product!

Once you receive your proofread or edited text, I also give you a satisfaction guarantee. In case you have any questions or change requests, I will work on them at no additional cost until you are completely satisfied with your text!

When will I get the revised text back?

Unfortunately, I can’t give a general timeframe, because it of course depends on the text length. On average, however, my turnaround time is 2 – 7 business days for an average text length. Just contact me and I will give you an exact delivery date directly when I make the offer!

Of course, it may happen that you need the revised text back in a hurry or that it needs to be proofread or edited over the weekend. For this reason, I also offer a 24-hour and weekend service for an additional charge, so that you will have your text at the desired time!

Transparent pricing

My prices for proofreading and editing are calculated per word in the source text – this is most transparent for you, as it doesn’t depend on the time I spend working on your text!

The price always includes a thorough preparation of content and terminology of your text, implementation of your style guides and/or specific requirements, and feedback loops.

My prices plus VAT are:

Proofreading: EUR 0.03 / Word
Editing: EUR 0.06 / Word

Details about the difference between proofreading and editing can be found below!

Proofreading vs Editing

What’s the difference?


Proofreading means checking a text for errors. A number of potential sources of error are taken into account:

Spelling, grammar, punctuation, consistent spelling, correct hyphenation, typography

No stylistic changes are made during proofreading.


Editing means that in addition to correcting errors, a text is also revised with regard to linguistic and stylistic aspects. For example, attention is paid to:

Sentences that are difficult to understand, convoluted sentences, inappropriate register, word repetitions

Of course, the intended use of the text is always taken into account.

This is included

Transparency is important to me – that’s why I want you to know exactly what working with me as your proofreader or editor entails!

Proofread / edited text

My service naturally includes the delivery of your revised text in the file format agreed with you. 

Delivery on time

The delivery date is agreed with you and recorded when the order is placed. You can rely on punctural delivery.

Change requests

I give you a satisfaction guarantee. Therefore, I implement change requests without additional costs.


While I revise your text and after completion I am available for you by phone and email, should there be any important changes.

Last-Minute Service

Usually you will receive your revised text within 2 – 7 business days depending on text length. If you need it more urgently, just contact me – I also take on last-minute orders!


Your documents are save with me and will not be shared. If you wish, they will be destroyed after completion of the revision.