Transcription is the textualization of audio recordings or audiovisual contents. Recordings can be transcribed monolingually, i.a. the transcript is written in the language of the recording, or bilingually, i.a. the recording is directly translated into another language during transcription.

Why do I need a transcript?

Do you have an audio or video recording, for example of an interview, conversation or dictation? If you don’t have the time to transcribe it, I’ll be happy to do it for you!

In addition, you may be able to save yourself an important step – the translation! For example, If you have a German-language recording, but need a transcript in English, you don’t have to have the recording transcribed in German first and then translated into English – I’ll provide you with an English transcript directly!

At home in market research

Transcripts are often required in market research, where many interviews and group discussions take place that are being recorded and then need to be transcribed. This is also where I have gained the most experience. Within market research, I have worked on a variety of different topics, predominantely in the medical and pharmaceutical fields.

Nevertheless, I also transcribe your recordings from other areas. Because what is important to me is that I first conduct an in-depth analysis of the topic at hand before I start transcribing. This ensures that I am familiar with the content and terminology and that this is also reflected in my transcript.

Which languages do I offer?

I transcribe your German, English, Spanish, and French recordings.

I also transcribe German recordings directly into English and English recordings directly into Germany. This saves you the translation.

The quality you wish to receive

Often the progress of your project depends on the transcript – and the transcript is only helpful for you if it meets your needs.

Therefore, I closely follow your wishes. Do you rather need a rough summary of what was said? A transcript that is complete in terms of content but polished in terms of language? Or a verbatim transcript with all slips of the tongue, sighs and laughs? You get exactly what you need for your project!

State of the art technology

I work with professional transcription software and can therefore work with almost all file formats.

I can also transcribe both audio as well as video recordings.

When will I get my transcript?

Generally, my turnaround time for transcripts is 2 business days from receipt of the file.

Of course, it can also happen that you need your transcript more urgently or it needs to be taken care of over the weekend. For this reason, I also offer a 24h and weekend service for an additional charge. This means your transcript will be ready for you at your desired time!

Your complete package

Generally, the price of a transcription is calculcated per audio/video minute and depends on the exact service requested.

Of course, the price always includes thorough preparation of the content and terminology of your specific project, the implementation of your style guides and/or glossaries, as well as proofreading and feedback loops.

My basic prices plus VAT are as follows: 

Monolingual transcription German: EUR 2.00 per minute of recording
Monolingual transcription other languages: EUR 2.50 per minute of recording
Bilingual transcription: EUR 4.50 per minute recording

Prices may vary due to bad audio quality.


There are several types of transcripts and services I can offer. Here you will find a description and recommendation of when which service is best for you!

Monolingual Transcript

In a monolingual transcript, the recording is transcribed in the language in which it was recorded. For example: You have an English recording that needs to be transcribed in English. 

This service is suitable for you if you use your transcript internally or nationally and don’t need a translation of it.

Bilingual Transcript

In a bilingual transcript, the recording is transcribed in a language other than the one in which it was recorded. For example: You have a German recording that needs to be transcribed in English. 

This service is suitable for you if you use your transcript internationally or require a translation of it.

Speaker identification

Speaker identification is an additional service for all types of transcripts. The individual speakers are explicitly named in the transcript. This can happen anonymously (e.g. Speaker A, Speaker B) or by name. Generally, a video recording is required for speaker identification.

This service is suitable for you if you need to trace who made which statement.

Time stamps

Time stamps are an additional service for all types of transcripts. Time stamps are added to the transcript in certain intervals so that you can track which statement was made when. Depending on the purpose of the transcript, you determine the interval for the time stamps.

This service is suitable for you if you need to trace when specific statements were made.

Do you perhaps also need a translation for your project, for example of a screener, discussion guide or confidentiality agreement? I would be happy to offer you a complete package of transcript and translation!

This is included

Transparency is important to me – that’s why I want you to know exactly what working with me as your transcriber entails!


My service naturally includes the delivery of your transcript in the file format agreed with you.

Delivery on time

The delivery date is agreed with you and recorded when the order is placed. You can rely on punctual delivery.

Change requests

I give you a satisfaction guarantee. Therefore, I implement change requests without additional costs.


While I work on your transcript and and after its completion I am available for you by phone and email, should there be important changes.

Last-Minute Service

Usually you will receive your transcript within 2 business days. If you need it more urgently, just contact me – I also take on last-minute orders!


Your recordings are save with me and will not be shared. If you wish, they will be destroyed after completion of the transcript.