Interpreting is the oral transfer of a speech from a source language into a target language. As a qualified conference interpreter for German, English, Spanish and French, I know the nuances that interpreting is all about. I want to use this to make your event multilingual!

Why should I work with interpreters?

Of course most people speak English these days. But still, you can never express yourself as eloquently and as precisely as you can in your own mother tongue. Therefore, it is often advisable to put the multilingual aspects of your event in professional hands!

With our intercultural, linguistic and practical experience, we ensure that your message is received exactly as it was intended – while you can concentrate fully on your content!

Your topic is my area of expertise

Both in training and practice, interpreters learn to prepare for every subject area, no matter how complex. You are the expert on your subject – but only if I can follow you in terms of content can I adequately render it in another language. Therefore, every assignment is preceded by thorough terminological and content-related preparation, which is why interpreters are universally deployable!

If you are nevertheless unsure whether I am the right interpreter for your assignment, please do not hesitate to contact me! Together we will discuss openly and honestly whether I am the right fit for your job.

Which languages can I offer you?

I interpret from English, Spanish and French into German. Furthermore, I interpret from German into English.

If this does not cover your needs, I would be happy to put together an interpreting team with other language combinations for you. Thanks to my vast network of professional interpreters, I always have a suitable team ready for your assignment!

Quality is key

When interpreting, you often only have a fraction of a second to decide on the right solution – because in the end, what counts is what comes across to the listeners! And I am only satisfied if my clients are satisfied with my performance.

For this reason, I have intensively studied the topic of interpreting quality in a research project. Upon request, I will be happy to provide you with more information about the quality assurance measures I take to ensure your satisfaction!

The crux of technology

Depending on the type of interpreting that is best suited for your event, the right equipment is also required. This includes, for example, interpreting booths that have to be wired accordingly with the venue’s sound system, mobile solutions including headphones for all participants or the selection of the appropriate video conference platform.

Thanks to my contacts with technology providers and my experience with virtual platforms, I can gladly take over the organization for you! Depending on your needs, I can put together offers to work with or take care of a complete package from A to Z, so you won’t have to worry about anything anymore.

If you require a completely virtual remote solution, I can also advise you about possible solutions and implement them accordingly!

Your complete interpreting package

The overall price of an interpretation depends on many different factors: How long do the interpreters need to work for? How many languages are required? How long does the event last? Should the equipment be organized by the interpreters? 

I would therefore be happy to make you a no-obligation offer as soon as you provide me with some basic information about your event!

Types of Interpreting

Depending on your specific needs, different types of interpreting might be suitable for your event. I would be happy to advise you!

Simultaneous interpreting

In simultaneous interpreting, a source text is simultaneously being transferred into the target language. Listeners hear the interpretation comfortably and without time delay via headphones. Interpreters require special technical equipment for this, such as an interpreting booth or a mobile solution. The advantage is that you save valuable time and reach many people at the same time!

This type of interpreting is particularly suitable for conferences or large events.

Consecutive Interpreting

In consecutive interpreting, interpreters listen to a speech in the source language, take notes if necessary, and then transfer it into the target language. This can be done without any technical equipment! However, it means that the interpreter repeats the entire speech again in another language – you therefore need to allow about twice as much time.

This type of interpreting is particularly suitable for smaller events, meetings or guided tours.


Chuchotage or whisper interpreting is a special form of simultaneous interpreting. Here, the transfer into the target language also takes place simultaneously, but without technical equipment, in that the interpreter is in direct proximity to their maximum of two listeners and quietly transfers the speech for them. This type of interpreting saves on technical equipment, but it is only suitable for very small groups and in appropriate venues.

This type of interpreting is particularly suitable for events where only a few participants don’t understand the source language.

Remote Interpreting

Remote interpreting means that the interpreters are not at the same location as the speakers and/or listeners. Instead, they work from home or a so-called interpreting hub, from where they are connected to the event. In this case, technical aspects are especially important, because things like a stable internet connection or sufficient sound quality have to be guaranteed.

This type of interpreting is particularly suitable in situations where hygiene concepts must be adhered to or not all participants can be in one place.

This is included

Transparency is important to me – that’s why I want you to know exactly what working with me as your interpreter entails!


Of course my services are available to you for the entire agreed duration. Should it take longer than anticipated, I will keep providing my services for an additional charge even beyond the agreed time.


I will be at the venue at least half an hour before the start of the event, so that I am available to you on time. We can use that extra time to discuss final details or do a quick technical check.


Every interpreting assignment includes thorough preparation of terminology and content. For this purpose, I use materials provided by you as well as relevant literature. I am also supported by state-of-the-art software solutions.


Before the event, I am available for you by phone and email, in case important things need to be discussed. That way, I can always advise you whenever needed and details can be clarified easily and quickly.


I take over the complete organization of small and large interpreting teams for you. You just need to tell me which languages are required and I will take care of team composition and communication.

Technical Equipment

I take over the organization of the interpreting equipment for you. You just need to inform me about the conditions at the venue and your wishes, and I will take care of the rest. Alternatively, I will also be happy to advise you accordingly.