Translation is the written transfer of a text from a source language into a target language. As a professional translator with many years of experience in German, English, Spanish and French, I know how to translate messages into another language in a way that is appropriate for the target audience and the chosen media!

Why should I work with translators?

Most people speak English these days, and besides, machine translation tools now also produce usable results – so does it even make sense to work with professional translators? The answer is – most definitely!

Because the truth is, even though many people speak English, you will never read and write as well in any language as you do in your mother tongue. If you are forced to express yourself in writing in a foreign language, you are trapped within the limits of your foreign language skills. However, if you want to communicate complex and important issues, this is an enormours hindrance. And your readers run the risk of not grasping important details correctly due to language barriers and getting caught up in misunderstandings.

Machine translation is not always reliable either. While a machine is now quite good at capturing literal meanings and translating them correctly into other languages, context is often missing. For example, consider the term “set” and its numerous meanings – is it intended as a noun or a verb? Does it refer to the set in a tennis match or the set of a band? A set of necklaces, a set of data, or a set of tea cups? A movie set? All of these “sets” would translate differently into German. Without the ability to reflect on the context of the text, a machine cannot know this and thus cannot provide the correct translation!

So why don’t you express yourself in your native language, where you have all the right terms and expressions at hand, and let professional linguists do the rest? And your readers will conveniently receive the text in their native language, so that no misunderstandings can arise.

Which areas of expertise do I cover?

As a translator, it is part of my daily routine to read up on foreign topics and subjects and get excited about them. Because I never start translating blindly – the actual translation process is always preceded by a thorough study of the subject and its terminology, so that all the technical terms are correct and the text reads naturally for the target audience. That is why I am a universal translator!

Should it still be important to you that I already have experience in your field, please have a look below – there you can see in which areas I am particularly well-versed. If you don’t find your topic there, please feel free to contact me – through my vast network of professional translators I can refer you to a suitable colleague!

Which languages do I translate?

I translate for you from English, Spanish and French into German.

If you have a need for other or additional languages, please feel free to contact me! Through my vast network of professional translators, I can refer you to a suitable colleague.

Quality is the most important thing

And in order to achieve the best quality, it is important for me to know the intended purpose and audience of the target text, because only in this way can I ensure that it is translated in a way that is appropriate for the addressee and the media. If your text is to be used for advertising purposes, for example, I will translate it differently than a purely informative text.

To ensure the quality of the translation, I schedule sufficient time for proofreading and feedback loops for each assignment. The text will not land on your desk until it has been proofread by me several times and I am satisfied with the final product.

Once you receive your translated text, I also give you a satisfaction guarantee. If you have any change requests or queries, I will work on them at no additional cost until you are completely satisfied with your translation!

Quality and Quantity

Of course the quality of the translation is the top priority. Nevertheless, it may happen that you need an urgent translation.

Normally, my turnaround time for an average text volume is 2-3 business days. This may vary for large text volumes or very small orders.

In addition, I offer an express service overnight or over weekends/holidays for an additional charge. Just contact me and we will find a solution so that you have your translation at the desired time!

What does a translation cost?

Translations are usually charged per word in the source text. This way you have absolute transparency about the costs and they don’t depend on how long I need for your translation or how many words I use in the target text.

The translation price always includes a thorough preparation of the content and terminology of your subject, including glossary creation or the use of any glossaries and/or style guides you may have, as well as proofreading and feedback loops.

Areas of Expertise

Here you will find a selection of the areas in which I have already gained experience. If your topic is not included, just contact me – together we will find the best solution for you!

Medicine & PharmacEUTICs

I have translated a variety of different text types for medical service providers and pharmaceutical companies in different medical fields such as cardiology, hematology, or oncology.

Automotive & Tires

Due to my personal work experience in the tire industry, I have an excellent knowledge of the automotive and tire sector and translate your texts (e.g. user manuals, info texts, marketing materials, etc.) with precision.

GAMING & Entertainment

Due to my passion for video games and boardgames as well as my experience with voluntary translations in the gaming industry, I am your ideal partner in this area!

Marketing & Market Research

I have been translating screeners, discussion guides and agreements for the market research industry for many years. I already had the pleasure of working on a variety of different topics. 


Due to my experience in this area, I can also assist you as a translator in the field of sports, mainly in the areas of soccer, American football, basketball, tennis and motor sports. 

Politics & International relations

In the course of my education, I have dealt intensively with international politics and frequently acted as a language mediator in this area within the context of various events.

This is included

Transparency is important to me – that’s why I want you to know exactly what working with me as your translator entails!


My service naturally includes the delivery of your translation in the file format agreed with you.

Delivery on time

The delivery date is agreed with you and recorded when the order is placed. You can rely on punctual delivery.

Change requests

I give you a satisfaction guarantee. Therefore, I implement change requests without additional costs.


While I work on your translation and after its completion I am available for you by phone and email, should there be important changes.

Last-Minute Service

Usually you will receive your translation within 2-3 business days. If you need it more urgently, just contact me – I also take on last-minute orders!


Your documents are save with me and will not be shared. If you wish, they will be destroyed after completion of the translation.